Lego Torque-Reactive Clutch

A concept that I built. Basically, it is a clutch that has less little friction (e.g. can be spun more easily) than a normal clutch because it only engages when there is a load on the output. The heavier the load, the more it engages. This system works very well, and could be modified to have different ‘slipping points’ as in it’s current demonstrative form it can stall any motor connected. Video:

Raspberry Pi – Science Olympiad ‘Robocross’ – 3rd Place

Using the Raspberry Pi and Adafruit 16 channel servo driver, I was able to construct a robocross for Science Olympiad. A robocross is a remote vehicle capable of picking up and manipulating various objects across a playing field. This robocross is controlled over bluetooth via a ps3 controller and bluetooth dongle. I’m very happy with the results, as I won a 3rd place medal at Science Olympiad State Competition! Video: