Update June 2016

Hi all!

I apologize for my inactivity over the past year. I have been very busy and haven’t had a chance to post anything here or to my youtube. I am currently working on a number of projects that I hope to post videos about sometime soon.

The MiniZip shop is still open and orders are being shipped out quickly.

Thanks for your understanding!



Update 9/5/15

Hi everyone! I haven’t been posting many projects lately, so here are a few updates.

The MiniZip shop is still open and orders will be shipped out within 1-2 business days*

You can find my designs for 3D printing on Thingiverse here: http://www.thingiverse.com/1nxtmonster/designs

I will try to be posting more projects and videos soon.

Thanks all!

*Generally within 1-2, it may take slightly longer for very large orders.

Lego Torque-Reactive Clutch

A concept that I built. Basically, it is a clutch that has less little friction (e.g. can be spun more easily) than a normal clutch because it only engages when there is a load on the output. The heavier the load, the more it engages. This system works very well, and could be modified to have different ‘slipping points’ as in it’s current demonstrative form it can stall any motor connected. Video: