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Hello! I am 1nxtmonster (mechnable), an avid hobbyist, 3d Printer enthusiast, and lego builder. I am very interested in mechanical design, electronics, robotics, stuff that moves, stuff that shoots, etc. and here at my website I try to keep you up to date on what I’m working on.

Feel free to take a look at some of my videos at: youtube.com/1nxtmonster

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    • Haha I see science olympiad season has started again (On a random side note, isn’t this year wheeled vehicle and not mousetrap car?)

      It is a wooden dowel rod (1/4) inch diameter. It’s purpose is to extend the trap’s range of motion so that the string that is on the end can move the axle more. I wrapped wire around it and the metal part of the trap to secure it, then hot glued it and wrapped in rubbery tape to finish it.

      Regards, 1nxtmonster

    • Sorry, i haven’t worked with the software for over a year. It’s in a menu though, dig around till you find it.

  1. Hi. First I’d like to say you’re designs are great. In between my fire truck build, I’ve been building one of your crawlers. They’re pretty well constructed and strong. I started my own page a couple weeks ago. Haven’t really put a lot up yet b/c I only have time to work on it at night when the kids are asleep.
    I noticed Nico71 is one of your favorite builders. I would agree. You should try 2LegoOrNot2Lego or Han. They really got me inspired.
    Anyways, Keep up the good work and I look forward to a few more of your builds in the future.

  2. Hey! Im in Science Olympiad this year, and am totally new to it. I have to make a mousetrap vehicle and its so confusing=(
    I saw your video on youtube,
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVgIo2rQcVE , and its almost similar to my plan. I can use two mousetraps though. Do you think you can email me the instructions for how you built the chassis and axle? It would be a lot of help.
    Thanks ( ya know, if you help)

    • Well, its quite simple. It uses a “Ladder frame” made of two long pieces of wood and some shorter ones to run horizontally. Drill holes in the side rails where you want the wheels to be, instert nylon bushings. Then you just add .25 threaded rod for the axles, wingnut for the brake, sandwich the cd wheels between washers and nuts.

      • Alright, that makes sense. just to be sure, say starting from the left of the axle, what would you put ( entire axle).
        can you tell me something like nut, washer, bushing, wood, cd, bushing, washer, nut, wing nut then all the way to the other side? im really lost =p

        • Okay so on youtube I have another video from this year called “science olympiad 2013 mousetrap car” showing it in some detail during a run. Look at it at 0:10 during the video. Here’s how its set up, from one side to another: nut,washer,cd,washer,nut,wood,wing nut,wood,nut,washer,cd,washer,nut. This design should work well, it got me 1st place at regionals last week, hopefully another medal at states : )

  3. Thank You so much for posting all this great work of yours.

    I would like to know the design details of the balsa wood helicopter you made.

    Thank You in advance

    • Well, the rotors are two pieces of balsa forming an X shape with a spacer made of balsa exactly 1 inch high at the vertex of the X. Then, The pieces of the X are 29cm long. Tissue paper covers the rotor. The body is a rectangle of balsa.

  4. Hi,
    could you please e-mail me an .lxf file for RC crawler?
    I’m wondering how you can transmit so big torque over the steering joint.

    Or at least a picture with details of the joint without the wheels attached.


      • I don’t use differentials because even the grippiest tires will have some slip off road, preventing binding. Also a differential’s 12t bevel gears inside will break, as I have proven in my past trucks with differentials.

    • Hello. The torque is transmitted through two 3l universal joints for the steering. The 1:3 portal hub gear reduction after the u joint reduces strain on the u joint by 300%. Check out my brickshelf for pictures, or my youtube for instructions.

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