New Youtube Channel – NameThatPlaceGame

I started a new youtube channel with the idea of posting videos with pictures of 10 famous places or buildings, and whoever comments with all 10 correct answers will win a spot on my new channel’s “winner’s section”. Link to the channel:

Also, here is one of the videos from my new channel:

I would really appreciate if you would go check it out, and please like and subscribe!

Lego Trial SUV – Beach Bashing!

I had the chance to drive on the beach with my Trial SUV. The third-party tires give it good traction in the sand, compared to last year when I attempted some sand driving with normal Lego-brand tires.

Ground clearance is good, enough to drive it through some shallow water. It was a good filming opportunity as well, and a good place for a photo-shoot. Some more photos:

And of course, the video:

Trial SUV

Finished! My latest trial vehicle, it is a SUV with 4×4, ball joint suspension with reinforcing link, and a very strong drivetrain (no gear grind!). When developing the chassis, I wanted something strong with good off road capabilities. I chose the ball joint suspension for it’s simplicity of moving parts, the added an internal gear reduction and portal hubs to take the strain off of the 12 to 20 bevels that would be prone to slipping. I used reinforcing link to keep the suspension in place instead of a panhard rod because the panhard rod is hard to integrate. The chassis is very strong and simple, housing an internal battery box at the front for more stability and an XL motor in the rear of the chassis for drive. Some photos:

The bodywork was inspired by a toyota SUV, but then dulled down to a generic offroad SUV. I used light grey panels and beams for the bodywork, and black for the front and rear grill and bumper. Overall I am quite pleased with how it turned out.

And the video of it: