New Portal Hubs For Truck Trial

I am growing tired of the general weakness of the portal hubs I have been using in my trial trucks. I could, of course, use unimog portal hubs or reinforced portal hubs, but they are too bulky and take away ground clearance. So, I made my own 2-stud wide portal hubs that are very strong, first in Ldraw, then I built them for real. I made two variations of them; one has the steering pivots closer together (standard) and another has them farther apart. These hubs are much more strong and also easier on the u-join because they are more rigid.


U-joint Alternative

A neat alternative for a u-joint. Using only 1/2 pegs and 6-holed pulley wheels, it is a very simple design. I first saw this used on what I think was a trial truck (I don’t remember, but full credit to whoever came up with this) about a year ago. Not as sturdy as I hoped for, can hold up to an xl motor a few times, but then it comes loose and disassembles itself. I built a model of this in Ldraw, but I can’t post that kind of file here due to wordpress’s uploading software. Instructions are in the video.


Ldraw Rendering Software

I just downloaded Ldraw rendering software (similar to ldd). It has a lot more features than ldd, but is also more complex to use. I would build most of the model in ldd and then import it into Ldraw to finish, but many pieces in ldd are not in Ldraw. To start, I re-created my vacuum pump. I still have yet to finish it, but it looks pretty good so far.

Independent Suspensions for Truck Trial

An idea I thought of for a very durable, robust, and compact independent suspension system designed for truck trial. Uses reinforced portal hubs and a durable structure of lift arms to deliver power to the wheels effectively. I will incorporate it into my next truck, but that won’t be done for a few weeks because I will be busy for a while…